Payment methods

Payment Methods

Payment Methods Learn about the different methods you can use to pay for ads on Facebook, like credit and debit cards. What are my payment options for advertising? Can I pay for multiple ad campaigns with different payment methods? Managing Your Payment Methods How do I remove, add or change my payment method for ads? How do I change the account information on my invoice? Why do I have to enter my credit card number if I'm using advertising coupons? I get an error message that tells me the system cannot verify my credit card address when I attempt to add a card to my account. Direct Debit What is direct debit? Which countries currently support direct debit as a payment option for ads? PayPal How do I add PayPal as a payment method for Facebook Ads? Who pays the PayPal transaction fee for Facebook ad purchases? What currencies does PayPal accept? Keep in mind that you should "enable popups" in your browser when adding PayPal as a Funding Source in your Facebook Ads account. Advertising Credits and Coupons How do I activate an advertising coupon? What are advertising coupons? How much is an advertising coupon worth? Why can't I add my coupon code to my account? Do advertising coupons expire? Where can I see my advertising coupon balance? Why do I have to enter my credit card number if I'm using advertising coupons? How will I be charged when I use an advertising coupon? If your question about Facebook ad credits wasn't answered by the FAQs above, you may want to visit your Account Funding Sources page to check and see if you have Facebook advertising credits on your account.

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